NFT Intellectual Property Rights

Below are some of the important information about ownerships of Senshi Lab collections, derivative rights, and what you can do as an Senshi holder.
Senshi Ownership The name "Senshi" or any other collection name under the Senshi Lab brand, intellectual property, and rights that are not specifically granted to holders/users are owned by the Senshi Lab team. This includes but is not limited to the intellectual property rights surrounding the images, website, names, logos, trademarks, 3D layer files, user interface, smart contract code, or anything else not specifically granted by any following licenses.
Holders Commercial Rights By minting an NFT from our smart contract, you own the NFT! With this you can flex, trade, use it as pfp, or merchandise it up to unlimited amounts through the sale of physical merch.
It means there is no limit in annual revenue from your merchandise sales using Senshi Lab NFTs.
Derivative Rights We are happy to see your interest to use Senshi Lab NFTs in various commercial ways, and that's what we exactly want. But we want you to use our NFTs in fullness only.
The layers used to render full Senshi Lab NFTs belong to us. We restrict the utilization of layer files to create derivatives. We are not open to recommending you to mint any form of modified Senshi, derivatives, or collection created using the Senshi style.
Terms of Use User shall not use Senshi Lab NFTs or any other licensed material in connection with any material, which is fraudulent, hateful, abusive, profane, threatening, obscene, pornography, and unlawful. Taxes By minting Senshi Lab NFTs, you agree to be responsible for any tax liability which may arise from minting or reselling your Senshi Lab creation.