Soft Staking

We have partnered with OPTIX by The Blinkless to offer soft staking on our Senshi collection.
Soft Staking – mechanism similar to traditional staking in that you pay gas fee to stake your token/NFT. However, with soft staking you are not required to lock or transfer your token during the staking period. It remains in your wallet and can be freely traded. Selling a soft staked NFT will transfer the rewards to the new owner.
The staked NFT will continue to earn OPTIX during and after selling. New owner will need to re-open the staking to claim the rewards.
Rewards – soft staked NFTs receive OPTIX rewards, which are calculated every hour and redeemable at any time.
Fees: The only fee is 0.001 ETH to open the stake. Claiming is free + gas
Earnings calculations: each NFT earns 2 OPTIX per hour. ( 10 NFTs earn approximately 500 OPTIX per day)
How to claim: When ready to claim you will need to wrap your OOPTIX into an NFT and sell it on OpenSea for ETH. Currently 100,000 OPTIX equals to around 0.01 ETH.

How to Stake

Connect you wallet on the top right. Once connected click on the wallet avatar.
  1. 1.
    Add OPTIX to your MetaMask
  2. 2.
    Click +NEW STAKE to soft stake your SENSHI
Search for Senshi Collection
Select Senshi Collection
Select the Senshis you would like to stake, click OPEN STAKE, confirm the transaction on your wallet and done!